Covent Garden: a lively and warm “village”

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Covent Garden: a lively and warm “village”

Formerly one of the most visited food markets in London, Covent Garden now attracts the crowds for shopping and eating in a more modern setting.

Covent Garden is a timeless place with very few cars, many people, and a lot of shops. The smallest stand sells badges bearing the image of the Beatles right next to the flagship store of the largest luxury brand. With its columns, covered market, street performers, and classical singers who perform while you enjoy an irresistible Shake Shack burger.

Covent Garden is a West End district, a monument, and a small village all to its own. The Royal Opera House is right next to the market, as is the Transport Museum, and the London Film Museum. The superb Apple Store is here as well, as are an abundance of little streets, St. Paul's Church, 13 theatres, the Balthazar brasserie, and pubs every two metres.

Don't be caught off guard by the Covent Garden Underground station, which has a spiral staircase of more than 200 steps.

Covent Garden
London WC2E