Cosmo: under the influence of the south west

french cuisine
Cosmo: under the influence of the south west

Chef Bernard Esquirol has transformed a beautiful Art Deco villa into a kingdom of French cuisine with a southwest accent.

A beautiful Art Deco villa, an elegant room for cool evenings, and a superb terrace planted with trees and flowers facing the ramparts serve as the backdrop for French cuisine with the lilting accents of the southwest. On the menu and as a starter, it will be hard to choose between the famous Gers salad (chicken livers preserved in duck fat), the small roasted whole fresh calamari, or the oysters from Dakhla, which is just 100 metres from Bab Ruach, the famous ‘Porte des Vents'.

There is a great fish menu (John Dory, sea bass, red mullet, monkfish) or, more simply, a marmite du cabanon with an aioli emulsion to sharpen your senses, all punctuated by a nice Moroccan wine list. The rich and varied cuisine of chef Esquirol makes the Cosmo a must in the Kingdom's capital. Finally, you cannot refuse a rum baba under a starry night, taking in the iodic perfume of the fresh sea spray.

Restaurant Cosmopolitan
Avenue Ibn Toumert

+212 (0) 537 200 028

Menu: around 300 MAD