Corte, the rebellious

Corte, the rebellious

Once the capital of Corsica, Corte stands out among scrub-covered mountains.

With a prestigious university, Corte is a bustling city with myriad small cafés dotted throughout its streets, while the surroundings offer hikers and adventure enthusiasts ideal terrain.

However, if canyoning, climbing, hiking, and mountain biking leave you indifferent, the rich history of the city is sure to enthral you.

Explore the old citadel, perched on a rocky promontory, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, or simply sit on the terrace of a café on Gaffory Square, watching passers-by. And do not miss the Serrurier barracks renovated by architect Andrea Bruno, which houses the collections of the Museum di a Corsica.

Museu di a Corsica
La Citadelle
20250 Corte

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