Corsican whiskey tasting

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Corsican whiskey tasting

Chestnut-flavoured Scotch? Founded in the late 19th century, the Mavela distillery has ventured into whiskey production, while still producing plum and other local fruit alcohols.

Located in the heart of the Aleria Plain, the Mavela distillery is surrounded by orchards and vineyards.

In 2000, its owner embarked on the production of whiskey. Made with the island's spring-water and matured in Muscat casks, Corsican whiskey is recognized by all as having quite original aromas. As for the brandies, they follow the very precise harvest schedule, and are still the specialties of the distillery. These harvests include raspberry, pear, and grapes in the spring and summer, plum and chestnut in autumn, and finally lemon and myrtle in winter.

One of the whiskies obtained a prestigious award in 2014, ranking it fifth in the world, and bottles of the label, P&M, are now found in wine shops throughout the country.

Distillerie Mavela
20270 Aléria

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