Coppelia: the movie star

ice cream
Coppelia: the movie star

One of the largest ice-cream parlours in the world and the star of the hit movie ‘Strawberry and Chocolate', Coppelia is a Havana institution.

Looking like a flying saucer in the middle of a park, Coppelia is a kind of national monument. In 1993, the popularity of this ice-cream parlour, which was founded in 1966, exploded because of the release of Strawberry and Chocolate and the avalanche of nominations the film garnered.

The decor of Coppelia is indeed closely linked to the relationship forged between marginal Diego and communist activist David in the movie. Alas, it is a long time since the menu of the house had 26 mostly original flavours.

Now there is usually only two or three, but the queues are still just as long: Coppelia's chain of parlours dishes up 16,000 litres of ice cream to 35,000 customers every day!

Heladeria Coppelia
Calle 23 y L
10400 La Habana

+53 7 8326184

Menu: around 2.5 CUC