Contemporary Art Biennale: undertake a discovery of the new world

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Contemporary Art Biennale: undertake a discovery of the new world

This biennial is a source of national pride, but also the pretext for an incredible holiday. For three months, São Paulo lives for art, with art, and through art.

After Venice, it is the world's oldest biennial: the industrialist Ciccillo Matarazzo and his wife Yolanda Penteado founded it in 1951. Every two years, it takes place in the green in the heart of Ibirapuera Park, in a pavilion designed by the lord of Brazilian architecture, Oscar Niemeyer.

Unlike other biennials, it always has a theme, a kind of compulsory figure imposed on all its participants, be they artists, architects, actors, film directors, choreographers, or sociologists, because it must be a reflection on the world. The subject for autumn 2016? ‘Incerteza Viva', or ‘Live Uncertainty'. It mainly hosts artists from Latin America, which is normal, but it also show the works of artists from Eastern Europe and Asia.

Everything up and coming, everything that moves, everything that vibrates in the world is presented in São Paulo. This is also the source of its interest and success. To its credit, it has done this while keeping its human dimension and remaining festive. On Sunday, the Paulistas strolling through Ibirapuera do not hesitate to make a trip to the biennial. Along with the ‘on' events there are ‘off' events held in the city's galleries. All of São Paulo is transformed into a vast, energy sing showcase, so make it your goal to participate at least once in your life.

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