Commune 246: a food truck village at Omotesando

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Commune 246: a food truck village at Omotesando

In an eclectic and relaxed atmosphere, the Commune 246 project is more than a place to eat it is also a community and cultural space.

Commune 246 opened in December 2014, a revival of a project with an almost identical name, 246 Common, the closing of which had saddened many. Commune 246, a micro-village in the heart of Aoyama, has work areas for ‘hot-deskers' with Internet access alongside coffee and tasty bites.

This place for hipsters also has food trucks, including the Fish Co-op, vegan dishes at Cora, and curly French fries with ginger ale at Brooklyn Ribbon Fries Komazawa there are as many inventive food offerings as there are stands to satisfy the cravings of all.

Festivals, art events, and concerts take place throughout the four seasons, breathing life into this community space, where nomadic travellers, students, designers, the fashion industry, and artists all meet up to share ideas.

Commune 246
3 Chome-13-20 Minamiaoyama
107-0062 Tokyo