Club Med Les Boucaniers: a sportsman's paradise

Club Med Les Boucaniers: a sportsman's paradise

A sportsman's paradise indeed, but also for all those who have come to rest and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

It is well known that Club Med has always targeted the most beautiful locations. When it set up its Buccaneers village in 1969, at a time when there were few hotels on Martinique, this specialist in holiday villages chose this stunning location, between the Anses d'Arlet and the tip of the Salines, in southern Martinique.

Ten years ago, the village underwent a complete renovation of its 289 rooms, which include 44 suites, spread between sea and tropical garden. Even if just being here feels good enough, people come especially to enjoy the many available sports: sailing, diving, surfing, water skiing, etc.

For lunch and dinner, you can choose between the main restaurant and its sumptuous buffets, or the more intimate restaurant (only 70 seats, by reservation) at one end of the village. Back in your room, you may find a bit of rum - in moderation - helps in your struggle to translate and understand the Creole proverb displayed above your bed.

Club Med Les Boucaniers
Pointe Marin
97227 Sainte-Anne

+596 (0)5 96 76 72 72

7-night stay: from 990 EUR