Claska Hotel: contemporary style mixed with 1970s inspiration


Located near the Nakameguro neighbourhood, the Claska is an excellent place to discover this bit of paradise, home to hipsters, fashion-industry mavens, and free-spirited designers.

At the Claska, you can play it cool in the most fashionable hotel in the Nippon capital. From the ‘Modern' rooms in contemporary style, to the ‘Tatami' rooms for those who want to try life with a futon, all tastes are catered for in one of the 16 options. The ‘Weekly Residence' rooms have little cubbyholes to put away clothes or books or the hotel's hair dryer in a smaller space.

In a laid-back atmosphere, you can roam about the studios, galleries, teahouses, and boutiques on the different floors of the hotel, not to mention the high-end dog grooming shop, DogMan. Tokyo Bike bicycles are available to clients, as well, for any little neighbourhood escapade, or an exploration of the banks of the Meguro river.

Claska Hotel
1-3-18 Chuo Cho
152-0001 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 3719 8121

Rooms: from 15,444 JPY