Chinatown and memories of Bruce Lee

Chinatown and memories of Bruce Lee

The neighbourhood allows you to discover all the Asian cultures that shaped the city.

Rich with numerous foreign communities, Seattle is home to a large Asian population. As in all major American cities, a neighbourhood named Chinatown has flourished since the beginning of the city's recent history. This highly touristy neighbourhood, especially during Chinese New Year celebrations, is also famous for its gastronomic addresses, from the most traditional to the newest trendy fusion restaurants.
The young Bruce Lee was educated in Seattle's Chinatown, far from the Chinese gangs in San Francisco that his mother wanted to move away from. The Wing Luke Museum organizes excursions in the footsteps of the legendary actor specialized in Kung Fu films. Tour guides will show you his favourite places, including restaurants and one of his training rooms. The visit continues with the discovery of the Wing Luke Museum, whose collections pay homage to all aspects of Asian culture.

Wing Luke Museum
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