Chez Seraphin: Mountain Dinner

traditional cuisine
Chez Seraphin: Mountain Dinner

For those who have had the privilege, this is the best restaurant in Corsica.

In the small village of Peri, 30 minutes from Ajaccio, there is a family inn, perched like an eagle's nest on the top of a mountain.

The menu is unique and truly hearty, quite like a Sunday meal on the island: Corsican bean soup, chard and pancetta; regional charcuterie; zucchini flower fritters; brocciu (typically Corsican cheese) cannelloni; flavoursome meats; and great desserts.

At dusk, the view of the valley is truly magnificent from this house, typical of the region, and the light of the oil lamps magic. Service is friendly and considerate. You might meet the owners, who are responsible for infusing this unconventional place with its authentic character. Here, learning to cook is a family affair, and the must-try recipe for zucchini flower fritters has spread by word-of-mouth beyond the Mediterranean. But, according to locals, this typical dish was born here...

Chez Seraphin
U Sciatellu
20167 Peri
+33 (0)4 95 25 68 94

Menu: around 50 EUR