La Grande Marmite spices up local products

La Grande Marmite spices up local products

La Grande Marmite joyfully spices up local flavours while also lifting the food from bordering countries.

The friendly setting of this archetypal Cameroonian restaurant gives you a foretaste of local flavour. Like the ‘Chicken DG', the national dish of Cameroon (‘DG' is short for General Director in French), served with plantain fries, vegetables and condiments, which is a delicious dish dominated by aromas of ginger, onions and hot pepper. Less spicy, the ndomba fried pork rested en papillote with banana leaves is both crispy and soft. Just as nice, the braised fish is cooked in the most local tradition.

La Grande Marmite is a fine local stop that does not however object to paying homage to Dakar and its kedjenou chicken (braised chicken covered of attiéké leaves). Once again, a really spicy dish!

La Grande Marmite
430, rue Casino
Quartier Bonapriso
PO Box 686

+237 33 42 26 50

Menu: about 4,500 XAF