Chen Clan Ancestral Hall: an imperial sanctuary

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall: an imperial sanctuary

If it had not been spared during the Cultural Revolution, you would never have been able to visit and admire this masterpiece of Cantonese architecture.

Nine rooms, six courtyards, 12 buildings connected by corridors: this thick-walled enclave of serenity was built at the end of the 19thcentury by the Chens, a family of wealthy Cantonese merchants. It is a sanctuary to honour and worship the Chen ancestors, whose kinship stretches across 72 districts in the region.

According to Confucian philosophy, human beings have two souls. The first is physical, the second, spiritual. After death, it is customary to make offerings and pray for the deceased in exchange for their protection and benevolence. This temple is thus divided into three parts: one for receiving, one for holding meetings, and one for praying. Don't leave without seeing the colourful porcelain statues on the rooftops, and the bronze ones in the courtyards, which depict scenes of daily life during the dynasty.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall
Zhongshan 7 Road
Liwan District

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