Chambar: haute cuisine in a casual setting

Chambar: haute cuisine in a casual setting

A modern bistro whose menu mixes classic and fusion cuisine.

Overseeing the kitchen of this contemporary Crosstown neighbourhood bistro is Nico Schuermans, a Belgian trained in the best restaurants of his country. He has retained the rigour and creativity from the starred restaurants where he learned his trade (Villa Lorraine and Comme Chez Soi), shared in a friendly atmosphere.

Although he has had the opportunity of cooking for personalities like Bill Clinton and mega stars like Mick Jagger, the Chambar is a simple, but elegant canteen, where one can enjoy unpretentious dishes like poutine with Roquefort or fried mussels washed down with Chimay or Chambar Ale, the house beer produced in the Belgian tradition, as well as elaborate dishes such as lamb tagine ​​or venison duo. Very committed, Nico Schuermans also makes it a point to preserve the environment through his sources (Ocean Wise sea products) and his techniques, aiming to be carbon neutral.

568 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3

+1 604 879 7119

Lunch menu: around 28 CAD
Dinner menu: around 40 CAD