Celebrate dawn and dusk at Wat Arun

Celebrate dawn and dusk at Wat Arun

The Khmer-inspired temple, with its 80-metre-high spire, offers one of the best views at sunset.

One hundred demon statues protect this magnificent temple on the eastern bank of the river. One of the oldest religious buildings in the city, its Khmer architecture is fascinating, with its carved facades, statues of rare expressiveness, and gleaming tiles lovingly polished by monks. But the magic of Arun (‘dawn') is primarily due to the light.

To the soothing chants of the monks in the temple, watch the sunrise from the top of the immense arrow, with a view overlooking the river and the Grand Palace in the distance. The sunset is best from the other side, followed by a twilight that is broken into a thousand illuminations by a blaze of spotlights. This unique spectacle makes Arun the emblem of Bangkok.

Warning: the temple is being renovated in 2016, but it remains accessible to visitors.

Wat Arun
158 Wang Doem Road
Bangkok Yai

+66 (0)2 891 2978