Cavallo Point Lodge: Yoga and Kung Fu in Sausalito

Cavallo Point Lodge: Yoga and Kung Fu in Sausalito

This lodge, formerly Officers' Quarters for the army, has a dramatic view of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

These beautiful white houses, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, cultivate a lodge ambiance as ecological as it is vintage. Originally an army base, the site retains the traditional charm of an officers' mess. You imagine yourself among these white-uniformed men and their wives in elegant dresses.

The rooms play on this past with vintage ceiling fans, wood-burning stoves, and cast-iron radiators, and they even have rocking chairs on the terrace. What a pleasure! You can also come for a healthy getaway.

While you may not have juicers in your suite, you will appreciate the sustainable architecture of the contemporary buildings, the gas fireplace inserts, and bamboo panelling. Yoga classes are included in some packages; however, you need to register for the Kung Fu.

Cavallo Point Lodge
601 Murray Circle
Fort Baker
Sausalito, CA 94965

+1 415 339 4700

Rooms: from 580 USD