Castel Nuovo, symbol of the Gothic Renaissance

Castel Nuovo, symbol of the Gothic Renaissance

Among the city's many architectural gems, do not miss the surprising Castel Nuovo, built in the late Middle Ages, now an emblematic location.

Do not judge it by its name, the "New Castle" was thus named to differentiate it from nearby fortresses when built upon Charles of Anjou's request in 1279.

As you stroll around the historic centre, you'll notice its high castellated towers near the harbour, as well fortifications worthy of a fairy tale.

Cross the drawbridge : built in 1470 for Alfonso V of Aragon, a Renaissance-style white marble triumphal arch overlooks the buildings' entrance. The vaulted arch of the Baron room is another testimony of this king who championed the arts: the 28-metre high 16 stone arches make for a speechless architectural prowess. And what would a castle be without moats? Walk down the staircase leading to the Crocodile cell, where the enemies of the court were eaten alive…

Finally, save some breath to gain higher grounds on the terrace and enjoy the beautiful panorama over the harbour and the Vesuvius.

Castel Nuovo
Piazza Castello
80133 Napoli

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