Castel Nuovo: the symbol of the Gothic Renaissance

Castel Nuovo: the symbol of the Gothic Renaissance

Castel Nuovohas a multi-layered history, reflected in its architecture—the Gothic influences come from the Anjous while the Italian Renaissance touches and the triumphal archcome from the Aragons.

Improperly named Maschio Angioino (Man of Anjou), the New Castle is emblematic to Naples.

Built by Charles of Anjou in the 13th century, this Gothic castle underwent major renovations in the Renaissance style by the Aragon architect Guglielmo Sagrera. In the entry, the immense white marble arch a symbol of the victory of Alphonse V of Aragon over the House of Anjou is one of the castle's most beautiful centrepieces.

In its vast dungeons, the Crocodile Room can make sensitive soulsquiver. It is there that the cruel and frivolous Jeanne d'Anjou is said to have had her lovers devoured alive, thereby ensuring their silence about her libertine habits.

Castel Nuovo
Piazza Castello, Napoli

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