Casa Vieja: a sure thing

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Casa Vieja: a sure thing

Typical Colombian cuisine without interruption since 1964, in the oldest neighbourhood in Bogota.

The authentic flavours of Colombia are found here in this Belle Époque restaurant, in the heart of the historical district of La Candelaria. This is a kitchen that combines indigenous, Spanish, and African influences in delicious recipes daily.

Famous for its Ajiaco con pollo, a hearty soup with chicken, avocado and guascas, Casa Vieja also offers classics of Colombian cuisine like frijoles antioqueños accompanied by a mixture of rice, ground beef, and fried eggs, or grilled fish with green and grey plantain and coconut.

Of the three institutions of the city, we prefer the original, with its tiered room, decorated with old cartwheels and copper lanterns, where there is a lively and cheerful atmosphere. The preferred choice of the locals and savvy tourists, it also has a reasonable pricing policy and warm, friendly service.

Casa Vieja
Calle 70, 6-23

+57(1) 213 3246

Menu : from 50,000 COP