Casa Rosada, in the heart of the Argentinean Executive

Casa Rosada, in the heart of the Argentinean Executive

During your strolls in the city, the Casa Rosada is a plunge into the politics and heights of Argentine splendour.

Linger on the pink facade of the Casa Rosada, seat of executive power in the country, facing the Plaza de Mayo, where mothers of children who disappeared during the dictatorship have been protesting every week for 30 years. Obtained from lime paint mixed with ox blood, the pink colour of the building was widely used in the 19th century.

One can visit the building by strolling through the Salón de las Mujeres, the Salón de los Científicos, the chapel of Cristo Rey, the Hall of Honour, and the famous balcony from which President Perón, accompanied by his wife Evita, harangued the people, and from which Maradona celebrated the victories of the Argentine football team. In the basement, the Government House Museum retraced the eventful history of the country through objects and the archives of the various presidencies.

Since 2011, it has been transferred to the new Museum of the Bicentennial, located nearby. With its grand interiors, quiet courtyards and large staircases, the Casa Rosada is one of the most beautiful sites in the city, elegantly combining history and architecture.

Casa Rosada
Balcarce 50
Buenos Aires

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