Casa Amarelo: a villa decorated by Robert le héros

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Casa Amarelo: a villa decorated by Robert le héros

Another fabulous address in the Santa Teresa neighbourhood, successfully combining tradition, modernity, and design.

It's impossible to miss this villa and its tower, whose yellow facade brightens the whole neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. Built in 1904, the listed building, in bourgeois-manor style, is now owned by Laurent Gelis, head of the graphics and design agency that creates Robert le héros fashion accessories, fabrics, arts of the table, and cushions. The seven spacious rooms at Casa Amarelo are playful and colourful, with high ceilings and a French-Brazilian design sensibility that blends classic and contemporary. There are floral patterns in some rooms, yellow and red colours in others. The impression is always fresh and invigorating. Of special note is the 40-square-metre Blossom Suite in pastel pink with large bathroom and huge shower. The highlight is the pool and the winter garden, which offer breath-taking views of the Catedral Metropolitana de São Sebastião.

Casa Amarelo
Rua Joaquim Murtinho, 569
Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro 20241-320

+55 (0)21 3549 9840

Rooms: from 250 BRL