Cartel 011: the fashion and design cartel

Cartel 011: the fashion and design cartel

This concept store is a laboratory from which new concepts and new products emerge, especially in the form of sneakers.

You cross a flowery, fragrant terrace that spontaneously makes you feel like lingering, and then you enter a large two-storey house. Is it a store? A gallery? A tearoom? A bar?

This concept store is all of those at once it is even a hairstyling salon. Animated, agitated, it never ceases building bridges between fashion and music, design and photography, music and food. You'll find a nice selection of clothing and items signed by quality designers. This cohabitation, this ongoing insider network exchange makes it possible to create collections in limited editions that are highly sought after by the locals.

If you're lucky, you will arrive during a full showcase, giving you the opportunity to drink a cold beer with a particular artist and to share their vision of the world, maybe even finish the evening together in the upstairs restaurant. But above all, when you go back down, do not forget to have a look at the sneakers. Cartel 011 is a laboratory for international labels, which test their new models there, and where they launch their new concepts with sneak previews.

Cartel 011
R. Artur de Azevedo 517, Cerqueira César 05 404-011
São Paulo

+55 (0)11 3081 4171