Cantinetta Antinori in a continental climate

Cantinetta Antinori in a continental climate

A family establishment that has been in the wine industry for 700 years, Antinori, along with Arkady Novikov, bring the warmth of the Tuscan sun.

Since 2004, this charmingly restored 18th-century building is the setting for one of the most famous restaurants in the Russian capital. Under the aegis of restaurateur Arkady Novikov, chef Mauro Panebiancoputs together a tasty minimalist menu in his open kitchen, which is enjoyed in a comfortable space of classic elegance.

Start your meal with one of the excellent wines (the Antinori family has been in the wine business for 700 years) before continuing on with spaghetti with clams and asparagus or a creamy risotto with wild boar sausage and spicy wine. The mouth-watering main dishes include delicious roast turbot with mushrooms and dried tomatoes, and calamari with tomatoes, olives, and garlicky toast.

The spirit of a rustic, simple and authentic Italian restaurant blends perfectly with the comfortable continental climate on a terrace decorated with flowers and wicker lamps.

Denezhnyy per., 20
Moscow 119002

Menu: around 3,000 RUB