Camera Obscura: explore a world beyond reality

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Camera Obscura: explore a world beyond reality

Creative and fun, this museum is devoted to optical illusions and other amazing effects, including those provided by a camera obscura that allows you to spy on the city.

Located just steps from Edinburgh Castle, this museum is worth visiting, especially with family. Housed in an old watchtower on four levels, its main attraction is at the very top: an enormous camera obscura, dating from the 19th century, which projects several simultaneous views of the city. These ingenious sets of mirrors are used to spy on the surroundings and all the actions of the people within them. On entering the dark room, you will feel like a giant in a world of Lilliputians.
The third-floor houses optical illusions and numerous workshops and activities. Then there are the holograms, all larger than life. On the lower level, another enchanting scene awaits you, made ​​of mirrors and lenses. Finally, the last amusing step: a maze of ice, which proves not that easy to navigate!

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions
549 Castlehill
Edinburgh EH1 2ND

+44 131 226 3709