Café Tortoni, a must-go-to

Café Tortoni, a must-go-to

In the heart of Buenos Aires, on the famous Avenida de Mayo, an absolute must for capturing the atmosphere of the city.

Since 1858 this antique café, one of the oldest in Argentina, has hosted celebrities from around the world whose framed photos can be seen around the room. In a Parisian brasserie style of the Belle Epoque where it has its origins, the decor includes bright mirrors, sparkling chandeliers and gleaming wood panelling. In the library in the basement there are poetry readings and jam sessions with jazz orchestras.

The Café Tortoni is popular with the intellectuals and artists of Buenos Aires. Go there for a drink at happy hour or attend a live tango show in a rousing atmosphere.

Cafe Tortoni
Avenida de Mayo 825
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 43 42 43 28

Menu: from 180 ARS