Café Anaiak: a masculine kitchen

Café Anaiak: a masculine kitchen

The Ithurriague brothers opened this bistro to honour their peasant friends.

Anaiak means brother in Basque, so the name of this down to earth bistro has a double meaning. On the one hand, it is the bistro version of the gastronomic restaurant Au Fin Gourmet. On the other, the Ithurriague brothers run it. The Basques have a southwestern cuisine that is as open and direct as are the Bearnaise.

Savour the iconic local dishes like duck confit or the ‘poule au pot' (stewed chicken). The cuisine features contrasts and invention in dishes such as squid risotto or ice cream with chicory. Colourful characters, the brothers credit the farmers and gardeners with whom they work on their menu.

A well-deserved tribute that also allows you to seek out these providers, should you wish to buy any of their products.

Café Anaïak
24 avenue Gaston Lacoste
64000 Pau

+33 (0)5 59 27 47 71

Menu: around 30 EUR