Bukhara: a place to see and be seen

Bukhara: a place to see and be seen

The ‘Times' newspaper calls the Bukhara a VIP hangout. No wonder, given It has served guests like Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.

Considered one of the best traditional Indian restaurants in Delhi, the Bukhara surprises gourmets with its legendary dal. Dal bukhara is a black lentil curry whose cooking time exceeds 17 hours. Its tandoori dishes, from northwest India, are also stunning

Tandoori is difficult to perfect because the meat is marinated, then cooked in a clay oven without the addition of any liquid or sauce. The restaurant has an open kitchen where chefs in their great white hats twirl naans and braise chicken in full view. No white tablecloths here, only sturdy dark wood trays, scattered cushions, and low tables in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Welcome to Bukhara, the in-house restaurant of Hotel ITC Maurya New Delhi, where you will have an authentic experience that is chic and rustic.

Hotel ITC Maurya
Sardar Patel Marg
Akhaura Block
Diplomatic Enclave
New Delhi
Delhi 110021

+91 (0)11 2611 2233


Menu: around 1,575 INR