Budapest Poster Gallery: poster displays

Budapest Poster Gallery: poster displays

This gallery-shop offers a graphic window into the country's history. It also makes it possible to dress your walls in an original manner.

Poland and the former Czechoslovakia are known for their graphic design and poster cultures. But Hungary was also built on images and typography. The Budapest Poster Gallery brings together a rare collection of posters from the late 19th to the 20th centuries. ‘The collection opens a window onto the past', suggests Ádám Várkonyi, the founder of this special gallery. ‘These posters were not created with a view to lasting a long time, but to make an immediate impression.'

Like snapshots through time, they offer a reading of the history of the country via their drawings and colours. The golden age of Art Nouveau contrasts with the ‘commercial' propaganda posters and advertisements extolling the unbranded (‘shoe store shoes' or ‘cheap, fashionable and good quality clothes'). You will find little lightweight treasures that are easy to slip into a suitcase at reasonable prices. By appointment only.

Budapest Poster Gallery
Paulay Ede utca 20
1061 Budapest

+36 30 6627274