Bottega del Marmoraro, a curiosity in the street of artists

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Bottega del Marmoraro, a curiosity in the street of artists

In an alley which is itself worth visiting lies the studio-boutique of passionate and exciting mason craftsman Sandro Fiorentini!

There are few places more deserving of a visit than Bottega del Marmoraro, on Via Margutta. To find it, you have to pound the pavement of this leafy avenue, which is historically linked to Roman artistic life.

Craftsmen, antique dealers, and art restorers are everywhere, worthy heirs to those who, in the Renaissance, came from all over Europe to study the ancients. They were as attracted by the tranquillity of the place as they were by the tax relief that Pope Paul III bestowed upon residents. You might encounter Picasso's ghost here; he lived in a nearby workshop. Or Truman Capote's, who lived at No. 33, and Fellini's, who lived at No. 110. At No. 53 you'll find the tiny workshop-boutique of Sandro Fiorentini, which is covered from floor to ceiling with marble slabs engraved with aphorisms in Latin or Italian.

True to the ancient technique, Sandro will inscribe, for 15 euros, the phrase of your choice. Thus leaving you with, in addition to your memories, an indelible trace of your stay in Rome engraved in stone!

Bottega del Marmoraro
Via Margutta 53
00187 Roma

+39 06 3207660