Bosco Café on Red Square

Bosco Café on Red Square

From the arcades of GUM department store, the Italian Café Bosco patio spreads out onto Red Square, opposite the Lenin Mausoleum.

Salads, carpaccio, pasta… Bosco Café offers a menu of Italian specialties and resolutely sacrifices beef stroganoff and blinis on Moscow's most touristy square. The interiors are immaculate and very comfortable, with a pianist-playing-tunes-in-a-gentlemen's-club ambience, but it is invariably the patio where everyone wants to be. Having a joyful meal in front of Lenin's tomb is a priceless experience.

But the prices are eminently reasonable, with a Caesar salad a mere 1,020 RUB, and carpaccio with black truffle and balsamic vinegar at 1,350 RUB. The wine list, by the bottle and by the glass, is also worth looking at. Be sure to drink an espresso (130 RUB) at the Bosco Bar, with its amazingly futuristic and trendy Spock decor. It also has an extensive menu of sushi and rolls, both spicy and not, in stark contrast to the surroundings, which are like some new planet discovered by a Soyuz spacecraft.

Bosco Café
Red Square, 3
Moscow 109012

+7 495 627 37 03

Menu: around 2,500 RUB