Bordewijk: vintage space, contemporary food

Bordewijk: vintage space, contemporary food

This charming restaurant has everything in its favour: pleasing decor and ultra-fresh, seasonal fare.

In a house covered with creeping vines, this 45-seat restaurant surprises as much by its simple, almost minimalist, decor as by its cuisine. The dining room holds black chairs and vintage Formica tables. Whether it gets your fancy or not, Bordewijk knows how to please. Chef Wil Demandt takes his inspiration from world cuisine and highlights seasonal produce. Start with a few hors d'oeuvres, such as mackerel with potato remoulade, before continuing to the four-dish menu. Don't miss the quail with foie gras, served with Romano artichokes, or the roasted flounder with pommes dauphine.

Popular in its neighbourhood, the Bordewijk will surely win you over. In addition to its flavourful cuisine, it offers an excellent choice of wines, not to mention especially attentive service.

Noordermark 7/HS
1015 MV Amsterdam

+31 20 624 3899

Menu: from 40 EUR