Book & Bed: a night in a library

Book & Bed: a night in a library

Sleep in a library? Such is the crazy idea of this new capsule hotel in the Ikebukuro neighbourhood.

Once upon a time, there was a hotel that told beautiful tales of sleep to its young travellers, and now what is written has been done. The architects of the Suppose Design Office agency have met the challenge and constructed an immense library with literary works of all kinds, where some bookshelves have been replaced with beds, complete with reading lights for insomniacs. You can read magazines, manga, foreign literature reviews, and comic books all night long. Books have been handpicked by Shibuya Publishing and Booksellers. Watch out: the 30 capsule beds are small, more for those out for an experience than a comfortable night in a palace. Claustrophobes stay away! In the daytime, you can wander about or do some reading in the library where different works are made available to the public.

Book & Bed
Lumière Building 7F
1­17­7 Nishi-ikebukuro
171-0021 Tokyo

Rooms: from 3,050 JPY