Bliss: the hottest night spot in Saint Martin

Bliss: the hottest night spot in Saint Martin

An outdoor club where airplanes skim the bar.

There is more nightlife on the Dutch side of the island. At Maho Bay, the most famous club is Bliss, a large open area where DJs from around the world come to perform under the stars. The bar is a fun place, and the decor is very chic: white drapes, sleek sofas, lots of wood, a large pool, cabañas for lovers, all in a subdued atmosphere with a packed dance floor and the latest club hits mixed with hip-hop, salsa, old school, disco, and electro.

You can dine on delicious sushi in an idyllic setting overlooking the ocean, or arrive late in the afternoon to swim to the island bar and sip a delicious Martini Melon (one of the house cocktails) against the backdrop of the setting sun. Atmosphere ‘caliente' guaranteed!

Bliss Beacon Hill Road
Simpson Bay
97150 Saint-Martin

+590 (0)1 72 15 54 31 40

Menu: around 10 EUR