Billy Can Can, eat in a 19th-century saloon!

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Billy Can Can, eat in a 19th-century saloon!

“Delicious!” is what you will utter after eating one of the typical Texan dishes served in this modern saloon.

The black brick front, huge picture windows and the name of the restaurant, with its striking syllables, all evoke the wild American West. To discover the spice of old-fashioned Texas restaurants with a modern touch, nothing beats the Billy Can Can. Opened in 2018 near Victory Park, this restaurant welcomes its many customers to a spacious room in a friendly setting. Behind the many round tables with high chairs stands a huge wooden bar. Order a drink and it will be served with a game-card shaped coaster—a nod to the saloon theme. But here, there is no cheap alcohol or bad manners, even if vivacity is encouraged. The chef, an alumnus of the Joule Hotel, offers a menu that succeeds in bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary cuisine. Fried oysters with pepper sauce, winter squash ravioli or Nashville chicken, whatever your choice may be, it's all good!

Billy Can Can
2386 Victory Park Lane
Dallas, TX 75219

+1 214 296 2610

Menu: about 56 USD