Bey's Palace, home of the Princes

Bey's Palace, home of the Princes

Oranese people call it “Château Neuf” (New Castle). This is where Bey Muhammad el-Kebir moved his residence when he took the city back from the Spaniards.

Strategically located, the palace is built on a promontory above town and overlooks both the harbour and hinterland. It always provoked envy, and in 1514, the Spaniards built a first building they named “Bordj Lahmar”. Extended, it was renamed “Rozalcazar”. The current wall was erected during that second rule, and tunnels were dug.
The bey moved his residence within those walls because they survived the 1790 earthquake that destroyed a major part of the city. A second palace was then built next to it, where he had his apartments and offices, as well as the pavilion of the Favourite Concubine, supplemented with two beautiful pleasure gardens and an aviary. Walls were dressed with earthenware, chandeliers were designed in openwork copper and all woodworks were sculpted.
Listed in 2005 as national heritage, this outstanding architectural and archeological ensemble sums up seven centuries of history by itself. It amply deserves your attention in spite of its current condition (renovation work is intended section by section over the years). After your visit, stroll down to the Ibn Badis Promenade right underneath!

Bey's Palace
Rue Meftah Kouider
31000 Oran