Bestie: the hot dog revisited

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Bestie: the hot dog revisited

Inspired by German currywurst, two friends created this fast good that serves up hot dogs for everyone at a very affordable price range.

Surprisingly, it is in Chinatown that good, low price restaurants are concentrated. Canadians love sausage but no one had yet launched such a business. This one, initiated by two friends, was launched with crowdfunding.

Hipsters have made it their canteen. Every day, they discover a new version of this German street food sandwich. You can discover the original version with a Thuringian sausage, Turkish chorizo, and, for vegetarians, tofu. It is always accompanied by fries, ketchup, various mustards and a big pretzel. Everything is homemade with fresh products from the region.

The menu also offers daily soups and a very nice selection of beers and ciders, plus some tasty desserts. Brunch on weekends.

105 East Pender Street

+1 604 620 1175

Menu: around 9 CAD