Berkeley: 65 Nobel prizes, 19 Oscars, and 11 Pulitzers

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Berkeley: 65 Nobel prizes, 19 Oscars, and 11 Pulitzers

When studying in the United States, the American Dream is alive and well.

This is the campus where protests against the Vietnam War began in the 1960s, a place that remains one of the most progressive of American universities, with 92% of its students voting Democrat.

Admission is incredibly difficult and students are therefore of the highest levels. Berkeley is in the top three best universities in the world and is among the most cosmopolitan. No less than 46% of its first-year students are children of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese immigrants. If you want to spend a semester or more here, it is not mission impossible, provided you target your department.

The campus is huge and each department, each laboratory is independent. There are 14 faculties, including the law school, founded in 1881. If you register at Berkeley, you will meet a host of researchers, professors, and students, and you will build an international network of personalities who may well be among the most influential in your discipline.

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