Belgisches Viertel: the Belgian Quarter

Belgisches Viertel: the Belgian Quarter

Breathe the Berlin-like atmosphere on the streets of Belgisches Viertel.

The go-to place for trendsetters, hipsters, students, and bo-bo types, the Belgisches Viertel owes its name to its streets: Brüsseler, Antwerpener, Brabanter, Flandrische, and Maastrichter. Here thrive fashion boutiques, independent stores, organic and cool restaurants, and a former butcher shop converted into a café and art gallery. A Berliner breeze blows around the St. Michael Church, built in the Romanesque revival and Art Nouveau style, circa1906.

Stroll along Hohenzollernring, where buildings with beautiful antebellum facades resisted the destruction of the city in the Second World War. Among them, at No. 53, note the headquarters of the publishing house Taschen, founded in 1980 in Cologne, which specialises in art and photography books. To go home with a souvenir, choose a book at the Taschen bookstore, located at No. 28.

Head to Aachener Strasse at night and choose a spot for your aperitif or your dinner. The choice is wide.

Hohenzollernring 28
50 672 Cologne

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