Bar Da Laje : dance the samba in Rio

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Bar Da Laje : dance the samba in Rio

Perched atop ‘Dois Irmãos' in the heart of Vidigal, a hip favela in Rio, the Bar Da Laje, facing the sea, welcomes residents and festive travellers.

Forget its troubled past, Vidigal, located between two ultra-chic neighbourhoods, Leblon and São Conrado, wants to improve its image. For ten years now, this ‘favela chic' has become arty, a witness to the cultural development of the city. Here and there you will find small art galleries and lounge bars, including the Bar da Laje. Located at the top of the hill, the bar is a favourite meeting place, with visitors and locals from 7 to 77 meeting there. Between two sambas, you can still enjoy Brazilian dishes. The specialty of the bar is its seafood, but it also offers feijoada, a pork-based dish with black beans, and you can eat on the go. Do not hesitate to ask for a cocktail, they are delicious, and then sit on the terrace, listen to the musicians and enjoy the view, which is probably one of the best in the world.

Bar Da Laje
Armando Almeida Lima, 8
22450-244 Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 3323 5807

Menu: around 20 BRL