Balthasar Café: at any hour of the day

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Balthasar Café: at any hour of the day

The best address for coffee, brunch, or chicken tikka masala.

Balthasar has a neighbourhood feel. On market days in Köln-Sülz, locals come for brunch. In 2015, another location opened in the trendy Belgisches Viertel neighbourhood.

The space here is narrow and long, with many tables divided by the bar and, under a glass roof, a single long table for 20 people. The atmosphere is friendly and cheerful. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, four o'clock tea and pastry, late-night cocktails this is the place.

You can choose between big and small: a delicious chicken tikka masala or just a soft-boiled organic egg; a bowl of vegetable soup or a vanilla waffle... Enjoy !

Aachener Strasse 18
50 674 Cologne

+49 (0)221 16843438

Menu: around 13 EUR