B.O.U.L.O.M : a bakery to eat in !

B.O.U.L.O.M : a bakery to eat in !

One place, three concepts: by the entrance, a bakery-pastry shop, and on the other side of the corridor, Ali Baba's cave, a restaurant and all-you-can-eat buffet.

In order to access the XXL buffet restaurant, you will need to go beyond the traditional bakery displays, full with baguettes and various pastries. In a canteen atmosphere, you will be able to make up your meal as you please, alternating cold and hot dishes, savoury or sweet. Homemade potted patés, seafood, roast pork, potato gratin, salmon gravlax, Burgundy beef shank, cabbage roll, rum baba, brioches and chocolate fountains… the list is endless, and we wish good luck to anyone who wants to try it all! Expect homemade quality level, in a perfect setting for a Sunday brunch with family or friends. On first floor, the speakeasy cocktail bar can be booked for small private events. And for those who do not like to spend hours sitting at a table, the bakery is the best option, as it also serves gourmet meals for lunch.

181 Rue Ordener
75018 Paris

+33 (0)1 46 06 64 20


All-you-can-eat buffet: 29 EUR for lunch and 39 EUR for dinner