At the heart of the Cousteau reserve

At the heart of the Cousteau reserve

This most famous of Guadeloupe's diving spots is a 400-hectare nature reserve and an underwater Garden of Eden. A fascinating world to discover either under the water or on it.

Off Malendure beach on the west coast of Basse-Terre, the Pigeon Islands are a paradise for divers. There are no fewer than 16 sites, including two shipwrecks located 10 minutes from the beach. Its protected seabed contains a dizzying array of species, such as amazing sea sponges, brain coral, turtles, and schools of colourful damsel and clown fish.

In the Coral Garden, another surprise awaits divers. Lying 10 metres below the water is the bronze bust of Commander Jacques Cousteau, a homage to the famous commander of the Calypso and his film, The Silent World, shot partly on this site. There is not only scuba diving and snorkelling, as other opportunities are available to you when visiting this underwater park. Embark on a glass bottom boat or even more original, go for a walk five or six metres underwater with an adjustable headset that lets you breathe and explore the seabed starting right from the beach.

An unforgettable 25-minute tour accompanied by two divers.

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