At Gabriella, gastronomic journey in an Italian trattoria

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At Gabriella, gastronomic journey in an Italian trattoria

A hybrid restaurant between a Tuscan deli and a trattoria from the Puglia region, Gabriella offers a very Italian cuisine, with a wide range of pizzas.

When you enter the Gabriella restaurant, only a stone's throw from Bellecour square, your eyes will linger on the profuse decoration. Mismatched tableware and retro furniture give a warm feeling to the premises, even though a question remains to be asked: how did a petrol blue Vespa delivery tricycle end up there? The vehicle has been turned into a counter, ready to welcome all foodies. In the kitchen, ingredients are selected from the best Italian producers, as you will witness reading the menu that points their origin on a map. Your heart will be torn between the Gabriella pizza (tomatoes, single cream from Salerno, Parma ham, gorgonzola and nuts) and the Tullia (burrata, truffle and mushrooms). Combine business and pleasure and learn tidbits of Italian on the menu, like the expression “la fame è il miglior intingolo” (hunger makes the best sauce) or, simpler, “un poco più di Parmigiano” (more Parmesan)… and order your pizza like a true Italian!

4, rue de Fleurieu
69002 Lyon

+33 (0)4 78 37 00 54

Menu: around 25 EUR