Astrid y Gastón: a Peruvian ambassador

Astrid y Gastón: a Peruvian ambassador

Astrid y Gastón form a couple who really love cooking. He is Peruvian, she is German, but they met in Paris during their culinary studies.

Located in the Providencia neighbourhood, halfway between the city centre and the upscale Las Condes quarter, the restaurant is ranked among the best in South America.

With warm colours, blonde wood floors and white tablecloths, the atmosphere of the place is undoubtedly elegant and friendly. Elaborated in an obvious concern for perfection, the specialities of the menu find their roots in Peruvian cuisine, but are reworked with French notes. The couple have developed an inventive and balanced cuisine that experiments with rather successful flavour combinations. Try the traditional Peruvian ceviche, but also with foie gras, which already manages to create a surprise, then complemented with cabbage and glazed pears.

The menu features a fine selection of fish and seafood, with salmon ‘à l'unilateral' or crispy shrimp to whet your appetite. The desserts are remarkable, with a special mention for the chocococo soufflé.

Astrid y Gastón
Antonio Bellet 201
Región Metropolitana

+56 2 650 9125

Menu: around 40,000 CLP