Asian flavours in the spotlight at Moonsoon

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Asian flavours in the spotlight at Moonsoon

This posh restaurant serves specialties from South-East Asia, China, and Japan.

It is an institution where customers come to enjoy a delicious Thai curry, shrimp in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple and pepper, or a tray of fresh sushi. The more adventurous can choose the ‘chef's surprise'—a meal improvised by the chef based on an ingredient selected by you. Such a spirit of adventure entitles you to a free dessert!

This chic and refined Asian restaurant, frequented by Tehran's businessmen, is the perfect stop between two shops in the Gandhi Shopping Centre where it is housed, provided you book, because it is very popular. Iranians, like many Middle Easterners and Asians, are very fond of shopping centres, probably because of the air-conditioned environment that allows them to escape the hot weather in summer. After your meal, finish with a delicious coffee in one of the many establishments of the Gandhi Centre, where Tehran's trendy youth come to play.

Gandhi Shopping Centre
8 Gandhi Avenue

+98 21 88791982

Menu: around 50,000 IRR