Asia Hall merges cuisine and decor

Asia Hall merges cuisine and decor

The flavours of all of Asia cooked right at your table at this Asparagus Group restaurant. With culinary touches from Singaporean chef Jack Wong.

On the third floor of the lively Vremena shopping centre is Asia Hall. Decorated in Asian style, it is, of course, also dedicated to Asian flavours. Ensconced in a red velvet sofa, watch as the staff prepare your food right at your lacquered black table.

While Singaporean chef Jack Wong prepares his famous spicy crab, a speciality of the house, the other cooks busy themselves with Chinese steamed dumplings, wasabi shrimp, Vietnamese spring rolls, and sweet-and-sour lamb with pepper and mint.

A glamorous interior decor of glossy blacks and deep reds is part of the restaurant's success story. Portraits of Hollywood stars, silk landscape panels, Chinese and Japanese decorative items, a Buddha statue, and impressive high ceilings create an atmosphere that is both elegant and exotic, making for a perfect conclusion to a day of shopping.

Asia Hall
Vremena Shopping Centre, Kutuzovsky Ave., 48
Moscow 121352

+7 495 788 52 12

Menu: around 3,000 RUB