Armando Records, in the heart of rumba

Armando Records, in the heart of rumba

Three atmospheres, three floors, for one of the most popular clubs in Bogotá.

A stop at Armando Records, the specialist in mixing genres, is a must. You will immediately understand why when you get there.

There are three atmospheres for three floors, under one roof. A paradise for music lovers, Armando Records is one of the hottest clubs in town. The retro roof terrace offers a relaxed atmosphere for sipping a mojito while pressed into a 1970s sofa; the ground floor has a more festive mood, as a big party featuring Latin and electro sounds with very good DJs takes place in salons with mirror-covered ceilings.

At once bar, club, and concert hall, it attracts an audience of music and dance loving fashionistas. For a reasonable fee, you can also enjoy the Armando All-Stars, dedicated to reggae and salsa, which attracts a friendly clientele.

Armando Records
Calle 85, 14-46

+57 (1) 530 64 49