Arcos da Lapa and its stunning architecture

Arcos da Lapa and its stunning architecture

At the entrance to the Lapa district is the old monumental aqueduct in Rio, where the city tram now runs.

It is a monument to the history of Rio. Built in 1723 in the district of Lapa, this ancient aqueduct in bright white carried spring water from the hills to the centre of the city. With the installation of water pipes, the place was refitted in the late 19th century as “Arcos da Lapa”, a series of arcades traversed by the bonde eléctrico, the tramway linking Lapa to the hills of Santa Teresa.

A great place to take photos from, and to see the Escadaria Selarón and its 215 steps in earthenware tiles. Or get lost in the streets of Centro, among its quaint markets (best at carnival and Christmas time). Then spend the evening in Lapa, one of the most nocturnal neighbourhoods in Rio, where samba bars abound, and young people and tourists come to hear rock, hip-hop, and more alternative music, like, perhaps, the Ramones.

Arcos da Lapa
Rua Riachuelo, 27
Rio de Janeiro 20231-040