Antiche Carampane: fresh fish!

Antiche Carampane: fresh fish!

A famous table for all lovers of authentic cuisine, between Campo San Polo and the Rialto fish market.

Upon entry, the tone is set: ‘Here, no pizza, lasagne or tourist menu' warns your host in his baritone voice. This small trattoria offers home cooking. The menu is developed, depending on the market, around the fish that are among the best in the Rialto market, which is also close by.

Spider crab gnocchi, yellowtail rigatoni, spaghetti with shellfish or scorpion fish, not to mention the deep fried moeche, (small soft-shell crabs)and the white wines of Friuli all are so good they will barely touch your lips. It is best to reserve, as the regulars are numerous and often famous.

Antiche Carampane
San Polo 1911
30125 Venezia

+39 (0)41 524 0165

Menu: around 40 EUR