Andrea Mariouteya: grilled chicken on Friday

Andrea Mariouteya: grilled chicken on Friday

If you come to Cairo, it's inevitable that you will have lunch at Andrea Mariouteya's.

The same family has been running this barbecue style restaurant for 50 years. It has just moved to settle on the Giza plateau. It's a bit out of the way, but never mind: it is really worth it. The locals come here for lunch on Friday, the tourists daily. It has become an institution for grilled chicken, its speciality.

The style is casual, like a canteen, with mezze to start, homemade bread and fries as an accompaniment. You will enjoy the open-air, sheltered from the sun by a large awning. The atmosphere is familial and friendly. Of course, the new place still lacks a little patina, but once the hedges have grown, you will have forgotten its old terrace.

Andrea Mariouteya
New Giza

+20 (0)1 0353 2000

Menu: around 85 EGP