Amoeba: the temple of music

record shop
Amoeba: the temple of music

If you are looking for a 1972 vinyl disc by the Rolling Stones, you will be sure to find it here in this massive music shop in Berkeley.

You have never seen such stacks of albums and tapes, over 100,000 in all. Everything is here, hard rock, soul, and R ‘n' B. You'd like to find Summertime by Janis Joplin recorded in Frankfurt on 11 April 1969? Here it is! Or the original edition of the White Album by the Beatles?

If you are a huge fan of Peter Tosh or Clancy Eccles, you will find your alter ego amongst one of the staff; they have an incredible music culture. When they are not behind the bins, they are either in concert halls or in the recording studios. Amoeba has become such an institution that some artists perform here; there have been jam sessions with the likes of Lana del Rey and others. And in the Los Angeles shop, Stella McCartney, worthy daughter of her father, recently presented her ready-to-wear collection.

1855 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

+1 415 831 1200